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The Program Menu

hheader is a collection of at least 48 single calculation programs. These 48 programs are divided up into 8 different categories including 6 independent programs each. The categories are the following.



The content selection has figured out within more than ten years of commissioning in the field of water- and exhaust air treatment. Regarding this the most often used calculation- and cross check functions have been picked out to be part of the program header. Beside the theoretical basics also practical experiences have been taken into consideration for the calculations.

The complexity of the programs is partly very different. Some calculations which are required more or less often for project documentation or design criteria can be quite expensive, if they are done by external companies. This means at least that there is a certain probability to save money and costs in the future by using this tool.

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Category 1 – Pressure

Safety Distance

Calculates the safety distance to be considered for pressure tests.


Osmotic Pressure

Basic calculations for the Osmotic Pressure due to the ideal gas law.


Pressure Surge Analysis

Evaluates the pressure surges to be expected by water hammering.


Vacuum Calculations

Evaluates the risk for a round cross section pipe which is stressed by vacuum.


Water Density

Provides coherences between temperature, water density and pressure as well as effluence considerations.


Frictional Losses

Calculates the frictional losses for circular and rectangle cross section pipelines

according to the approximate equation by Swamee and Jain.

Category 2 – Flow

Flow Rates

Calculates flow rate, velocity and other parameters for circular cross-section vessels.



Calculates the accumulation and durability of filter equipment at a constant charge.


Operating Conditions

Calculates flow rates and other values for two different duty points based on the given pressure, temperature and humidity.


Standard Conditions

Calculates the nominal flow based on 0C and 1013 mbar for a given flow rate at a certain pressure and a certain temperature.



General theoretical calculations for the permeability of membranes.


Membrane flux

Calculations regarding the flux of membranes with the corresponding values.

Category 3 – Chemical

Chemical Dosing

Calculates dosing rates and dosing concentrations for chemical dosing procedures.


Water Hardness

Calculates the water hardness due to the appearance of calcium and magnesium and transforms the value into different international units.


Crystallization Diagram NaOH

Shows the temperature of crystallization for the NaOH-solution based on the given concentration.



It can check the stoichiometry of the entered chemical reactions considering the diverse given reactants.


Periodic Table of Elements

It is just the Periodic Table of Elements.


Chemical resistance

Table with materials and their resistance against different chemicals.

Category 4 – Energy

Heat Exchange

General calculations for heat exchangers.


Thermal post-combustion

Calculates the different energy consumptions of a thermal post-combustion unit.


Energy Balance

Calculates values for the different forms of energy.


Heat Capacity

Calculates values for a heating up process including losses and determination of the heat capacity.



Calculates the different values for isochore, isobar and isotherm changes in state.



Calculates the different values for isentropic changes in state.

Category 5 – Electrics


Calculates electrical energy consumption and evaluates the costs.


Cross Section

Provides factors for different cable types and calculations for current and voltage drop in order to determine the by rule permitted cable cross section.


Intrinsic Safety

Interprets the intrinsic safety for electrical measurement equipment.


Measure Range

Transforms process values into the corresponding measuring signals and reverse.


Power Rates

Calculates the variables from the electrical input to the flux based on the efficiency.


Electrical Resistance

Provides calculations for the electrical resistance, temp. influence, voltage drop, ohms law, impedance of RLC-Combinations and testing bridge design.

Category 6 – Mechanics

Gear Ratio

It is just some gear ratio calculations.


Stress Analysis

It is for different stress analysis with different load cases and a selection of profile types.



Provides the fastening torques (nominal metric threads) for flange connections and steel constructions (with a quality of =0.125).


Engine Vibrations

Interprets the measured vibrations for engines according to the German VDI rule 2059.


Welding Current

Provides tables and information for electrical welding current adjustments..



Calculations for the Mean Time Between Failures.

Category 7 – Mixed


It is just some kinematic calculations regarding speed, distance, acceleration and time.


Steam Table

Corresponding temperature, pressure and energy values from the steam table.


Coefficient Valve

Calculates the valve coefficient for liquids, gases and steam.


Open Area Valve

Calculates the open area for butterfly valve, ball valve and gate valve with respect to opening measure.


Reduction Rate

Calculates the reduction time for biological reaction processes.



It is just some geometric calculations for different regular shapes regarding area and volume.

Category 8 – General

Small business offer

Simple calculation for small business offers.


Commissioning Protocol

Generates Commissioning Protocols for measurements, aggregates, valves, etc. from a defined table.


Program Parser

It is a Program Parser for creating small individual user calculation programs.



Changes the IP-Address, Subnet and Gateway easily - settings can be loaded and saved.



Gives back random values for different fields - limits can be adjusted.


Date and Day

Determines the weekday Sunday to Saturday according to a given date consisting of day, month and year.

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