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Category 8 - General: Small Business Offer

How can we divide up between good and bad projects? Maybe projects or sites can be in lovely or unlovely places. Maybe projects or processes can be interesting or uninteresting. Maybe tasks can be easy or hard. Maybe work can even be fun or not. Maybe whatever, but anyhow if a project, which is beside other things done for commercial or even profitable purposes and at the end the project is not profitable at all, it can be evaluated as a bad project. One thing that is mandatory for each project is a proper calculation of the offer. Therefore it is important that all positions are considered and well sophisticated. All positions have to be evaluated in detail and especially down-to-earth.


Category 8 - General: Commissioning Protocol

I/O-Checks and the functional checks for the installed equipment on site have to be carried out carefully and accurately. This includes also a complete and thoroughly done documentation of the mentioned checks. Plants with hundreds of different equipment compounds are not too rare. Often there is one protocol for each equipment compound requested according to the contract. To do this one by one manually means a big effort regarding work and time. The program provides the required functions to finish a proper documentation of the commissioning checks with a high grade of automation in order to minimize time and work.

Category 8 - General: Program Parser

There are thousands of different calculation programs, but at least they all have the same general structure. A couple of input variables are combined with mathematic operations. This results finally in a result! Thereby the most simple combination is to operate one input variable with another input variable in order to get one result. In case if the target is to develop a general calculation program which is not fixed to anything and has a variance that is as high as possible, there might be only one way to build it up. This can be by putting several of the mentioned most simple combinations in series. With the Program Parser the user can plan and build up his own calculation program.

Category 8 - General: IP-Address

Commissioning engineers, software engineers and PLC-programmers working for different projects on different sites know the problem. On every site there are different networks with different IP-Addresses for the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), the Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) and the systems for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Usually on site there are also predefined IP-Addresses for the programming devices. The program has two major advantages. One: after saving the settings for a site, they can be restored easily with fewer steps and without the requirement to enter the address data again. Two: the required data are directly available in the stored files and do not need to be picked out of handwritten notes.

Category 8 - General: Randomize

Randomness can be defined as an event that happens either without any transparent causal reasons or the causal reasons are known, but the moment of the happening is not measurable or predictable. Thinking about this there are some questions that can occur. Is randomness real? Does it really happen without causal reasons? Is the moment of the happening really not predictable? Or do we only have not enough information to see the obvious coming? The program calculates random numbers in between the given minimum and maximum limits. The limits are adjustable. The minimum limit is -32000 and the maximum limit is 32000. There are seven rows provided like this. Additional there are two rows with less possibilities.

Category 8 - General: Date and Day

Appointments, dead-lines, targets etc. are usually defined by dates including the day of the month, the month and the year. Often or sometimes it is interesting to know which day of the week and which calendar week belongs to a given date. It is easy to find out, if the given date belongs to the actual year, because calendars for the actual year are available almost everywhere. But what if there is a need to look some years forwards or backwards? Even scrolling the calendar of a personal computer, a lap-top or a notebook years into the future or into the past, is not too comfortable.

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