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Whenever a calculation is triggered, an internal routine will initiate the detection of a dongle, automatically. For a full access to all the program functions a proper dongle is required to be available via one of the USB-slots. A calculation can be triggered either directly by clicking the calculate button or indirectly by the subroutine of another function (e.g. the print command or the change of an item selection). If no proper dongle can be detected via one of the USB-slots, the calculation will be interrupted and the output variables will be blank. Executing calculations is only allowed with a proper dongle!



How to order a proper dongle?

Send an Email to sales@hheader.com including the following information and data.

      - First and family name of the person who orders.

      - Company name.

      - Complete company address including Street + No., Postal Code, Town, Country.


Thereupon you will get an offer with the actual available packages and prices. An instruction sheet with the further steps, which will be required in case you decide to order one of the hheader packages, will be attached. Anyhow the dongle will be send by post after the payment is complete! Be aware that an order can only be done by companies, but not by private citizen!


Use the prepared hheader-Order-Sheet

Fill the form completely. Do not forget to sign.



For operating the tool on your personal computer you need the hheader-software and the VB-Power-Packs in case they are not installed already. The package contains the executable file hheader.exe and a couple of folders with internal required files. The hheader-software is provided on the dongle or can be downloaded via the corresponding links. It is possible to download the user manual separately from the hheader-software. Anyhow the manual is also included in the download of the hheader-software package, as well as the VB-Power-Packs, which can be found in the folder hh_BasicInst. The VB-Power-Packs should be installed only on demand.


The hheader-software was developed and tested on the Windows 7 Professional operating system. Beside this extensive checks on Windows 10 have been done, successfully. Please be aware that until further notice the hheader-software can only be approved  for these system, officially.

Users duty: check the calculation results

Why is it an important duty for the user to check the calculation results every time again on his own?

For many situations and circumstances different equations and formulae have been discovered and developed. Be aware, that any equation or any formula at least cannot be more than an instruction for computing certain values with each other. Anyhow, selecting a way that is proper to calculate and to evaluate significant values for the actual use case, taking the significant process circumstances under consideration, always demand special skills and knowledge.

This is why the user has always the duty to:

Check if the own special skills and knowledge are proper to evaluate the actual use case, comprehensively and adequately.

Check if the program is proper to cover the actual use case requirements, comprehensively and adequately.

Check if the input values are realistic and proper before the background of the use case.

Check if the output values are realistic and proper before the background of the use case (carry out own auxiliary calculations).

Be responsible him- or herself for the decisions done according to the use of the program, respectively the software.

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